All Individual seeking to be fellows are requested to apply through the following online application below. The iCFDR Fellowship is a twelve months field-based grassroots development learning program to assist underprivileged communities in Delhi, India. The social work fellowship at Indian Centre for Development and Rights targets to improve the life of kids living in the slums. It also emanates from our ethos to promote volunteerism and a considerable amount of experience working for the marginalised communities. Fellowship at the same time transforms the selected young individuals as fellows into excellent leaders with futuristic and holistic skills. Fellows commit /pledge up to 12 hrs in a week, including 3.5 hrs for each of two programmed sessions at weekends. There are also limited slots for Online iCFDR Fellowship. Flexibility is required to meet the need and demand where necessary while mentoring young minds living in slums to find that smile, hope and courage for a better future.

The fellowship programme is designed to enhance multiple skills of the selected fellows including, leadership, resource and team management and at the same time enjoy the joy of helping the needy underprivileged sections of our society.