Fellowship FAQs

1. Would you consider someone already working professionally?
Ans. We love to welcome candidates who are working and want to give back to society. Fellows need to make a minimum commitment of 12 hours a week.

2. What Qualification do I need?
Ans. Applicants are expected to have a graduate degree or pursuing final year.

3. I would like to apply for the fellowship, but I'm currently abroad, can I still apply?
Ans. Yes, the application can be filled online, however, you would need to relocate to Delhi for the duration of the fellowship.

4. Is there any aid and allowance for conducting Easy Classes?
Ans. Yes, the easy classes cost of operations at the location is covered by iCFDR, and also when required traveling allowance can be provided. Fellows can also crowdfund for the same.

5. How soon will I be recruited as a fellow?
Ans. As the applicant has to go through a 5 stage process, on successful completion you will be granted a fellowship. Moreover, applications are on a rolling basis and we select as per requirement.

6. I'm based outside Delhi or not a resident of Delhi, would I be eligible for this internship?
Ans. All the fellows are based in Delhi. If you can relocate to Delhi for the duration of internship, you are eligible for applying.

7. What are online easy classes?
Ans. Online Easy classes are an extension of a project aimed at mentoring children when on ground is not possible.

8. Can I apply, if I graduated a few years ago? Or if I graduate a few years later?
Ans. Yes, the year of graduation is just a criterion. Skillset is all that matters.

9. Will I receive any training in prior?
Ans. Yes, everyone goes through the induction process.

10. Does it require any experience? Or is it necessary to have teaching experience?
Ans. Not necessarily, but having experience would never be a downside.

11. How flexible is the fellowship?
Ans. As a fellow leads the assigned task, it's important to maintain the required schedule. It's crucial to maintain quality work and to create an impact.