The Indian Centre for Development and Rights

The Indian Center for Development and Rights (iCFDR) is a non profit humanitarian organization that focuses on long term projects and awareness in the areas of – Education, Health, Empowerment and Environment. It is a well-recognized social organization and driven voluntarily by a team of passionate individuals.

iCFDR advocates and works for education, human rights, gender equality and empowerment, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability and collaborations for better society. Read More at

  • Easy Classes is a project of iCFDR aimed at mentoring children living in the slums of Delhi. Due to multiple reasons such as the lack of financial resources, scarcity of schools or poor familial conditions, these children have limited or no access to education. As a result of which many of these children are forced to give up on their dreams.

    iCFDR brings learning to their doorsteps to ensure that these children don’t lose their hope for a better future. The objectives of these classes include academic development, life and personality coaching, counselling, and monitoring progress.

    Learn more about easy classes here.

  • The VIN Awards are a set of prestigious honors given away annually by iCFDR. The VIN Awards also promote the trail-blazers of Culture, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Environment recognizing the importance of holistic development and community development in modern society.

    This award acknowledges those who exemplify the best of their profession’s values through their accomplishments and endeavors.

    We also wish to empower the Youth who actively work towards making our society a better place, as well as the women who form the backbone of their respective industries and professions.

    We take immense pride in awarding only the most deserving and hard-working aspirants, having transparency in our process of selection.

    Learn more about vin awards here.

  • Social Work Leadership Program is an opportunity to take leadership with social work activities, we are looking for like-minded individuals who would like to contribute to making this world better.

    This is specially designed for young volunteers looking to do structured social work activities from time to time basis. We expect 16-28 hours monthly that is weekly 4 to 7 hours from our associates for a social cause.

    This also enables participating associates to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience and earn certification. This program is designed to help associates to identify, reflect, and improve their competencies (skills and behaviors) through personal counseling while helping the society around.

    It is an ideal program for self-motivated, dynamic, socially conscious, and non- political youths, as it is structured to help improve personally and professionally and contribute back to society.

    Learn more about social work leadership programme here.