Resources help bring a precious smile on an innocent face by giving a little. Every contribution to transform someone’s life for the better counts. All donors to iCFDR can avail an exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

  • To prevent young undprivileged children especially in slums to not miss out on a lifetime of opportunities.

    To help the kids from low-income families pursue their learning and get proper guidance.

    To makes them feel a part of society and improves their quality of life.

    To keep the people on the streets safe living in extreme conditions.

    To lighten up someone’s life.

    To be the reason a child smiles in gratitude, and a homeless family knows warmth for a change.

    To make every destitute feel they are not alone.

  • When you donate a little out of your resources, it is utilised to fulfil the needs of the unfortunate ones at Easy Classes. It's helps in iCFDR vision to strive for better society. It has been actively involved in rendering services to underprivileged children, providing nutritious food to the poor and families affected by natural disasters. We need your cooperation and support in carrying out the good work. Your sponsorship will be an ‘anchor to our ship of noble work.’ It will help us reach out to the people in need.

  • You will empower and energise people for future prospects.

    You will contribute to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

  • All donations to iCFDR will avail an exemption as Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

    BONUS: Be worthy of the heartfelt blessings and good wishes of all the kids whose lives you touch with your kindness and give them a ray of hope in this bleak world.