About iCFDR Fellowship

The iCFDR Fellowship is a twelve months program based in Delhi, India. The social work fellowship at Indian Centre for Development and Rights targets to improve the life of children living in slums and also at the same time transforms the selected young individuals as fellows into excellent leaders with futuristic and holistic skills.

The iCFDR Fellowship aims at relieving the complex challenges and sufferings of the underprivileged students at our Easy Classes by tutoring, guiding and using education as a tool to create better prospects and a brighter future for them.

With the tagline, “Igniting Minds. Inspiring Actions.” fellowships ensure youth are a part of the mission to build a brighter future for the country. It also brings together the constructive youth of the nation to contribute for welfare of the society.

This fellowship provides a platform to those who are committed towards making a difference, looking to lead from the front and can work constructively in teams at our social organisation.

A fellow is expected to enthusiastically participate in shaping and developing young minds towards a better future for these children and the community. Hence, iCFDR prefers passionate applicants who are ready to voluntarily offer their services, work diligently to accomplish social justice, and promote stronger human relationships, while living a balanced life.

The fellowship is an extension of the work and vision at iCFDR to have a holistic approach towards sustainable development. It also emanates from our ethos to promote volunteerism and a considerable amount of experience with young minds and underprivileged masses.

Why be a Fellow?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

iCFDR fellowship allows you to be an agent of change by joining us on our mission to strive for a better society. Teaching someone is beyond imparting formal education. As a fellow, you might help someone find a purpose, a goal in life.

iCFDR fellowship provides you an opportunity to volunteer yourself to give back to society. This fellowship provides a platform for such individuals who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged and less fortunate people. We love to welcome candidates who are currently working as well.

Despite living in hazardous conditions, suffering from hunger, poverty, lack of finance these disadvantaged children never stop dreaming. They have colorful visions and as an iCFDR fellow, you can ignite their ambitions and create an impact.

The fellow should be able to carefully analyze the psychology of the children and go beyond textbook teaching, by encouraging the children to think creatively. Doing small things can create a big impact on someone's life, it gives you an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.

It is through education and subsequent employment that these children can break the cycle of poverty. Hence, get an opportunity at providing personality coaching, counseling, and monitoring progress of the children from the slums of Delhi.

Being an iCFDR fellow, you can come forward to enlighten the young minds and pave the way for a bright future where education eradicates poverty. You as a Fellow will help young kids in slum ignite their dreams with the spark of knowledge and creativity.